Sunday, November 17, 2013

nykeiko wears: One Piece, One Thought...Tom Ford

Tom Ford

These Tom Ford Whitney are my very first designer sunglasses I purchased on my own (cuz my momma once bought me a pair of Gucci sunglasses back in high school. They made me look like Ozzy Osborne and I barely wore them. Sad thing was, I picked them) back in college. I did a lot of research before settling on these ones and finally purchased them brand new on eBay since I couldn't really afford $400 sunglasses. They were significantly cheaper on eBay and I remember messaging the seller, who sold hundreds of sunglasses, to swear to me that they were 100% authentic. I think I paid less than half for them but I cannot remember. Over the years, I've acquired 3-4 more pairs of sunglasses and kind of neglected these ones. I had worn them for many years and loved them except they always sat on my cheeks and left an imprint every time but since they were my only pair, I kept wearing them. I recently decided to let them go and it was easier to do so by selling them on eBay so I could make a little bit of money off them. I am glad I did since I was holding on to them for the wrong reasons. They were one of my first designer purchases almost ten years ago, and that's me getting emotionally attached to my clothes. I can't believe I sold them for $80.

Me wearing my beloved Tom Ford Whitney in SF

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