Thursday, December 12, 2013

Boy that was a weird yet unforgettable...Voyages into The Unusual #HendricksVoyages

Hendrick's gin's latest event:"Voyages into The Unusual"

"Push the limits of the peculiar- join Hendrick's for an evening of inspiring swills, curious characters and unusual enjoyments all around as we set sail for Voyages Into the Unusual in New York City! With a cast of characters including Shoppe owner and assistant who will demystify the eleven bonaticals found within each Hendrick's bottle. Hendrick's Voyages Into the Unusual is sure to delight and excite the Unusualist among us. Naturally, an array of toothsome cocktails will be available and music provided by the oddly eclectic White Ghost Shivers."

Event was held at One Hanson Place in Brooklyn

Mini bite-size burgers are so cute and delicious!

Bite size salad

The event was purely awesome as description stated. It was very interactive and many things were happening all around the venue which picked our curiosity non-stop. We were waiting patiently for the little people they call minions to pick us to go under the robe/tent of that tall lady. We tried all the cocktails and I got tipsy really fast but having food served helped a lot. A small handbook with cocktail recipes served that night will come in handy since we already drink Hendricks gin at home. This event was RSVP only (and free!) I totally want to attend their next event and can't wait to see what they come up with! 


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