Thursday, December 26, 2013

Je parle francais...

I am in Montreal right now for the holidays. I'm staying for about 6 days which is the longest I have ever stayed since moving away in 2008. I have been back numerous times but usually for a long weekend or so.

So I have been back now for 3 days and enjoying eating, sleeping in, eating and watching tons of movies on demand on TV! It's great. I'm feeling nice and relaxed. I already met up with a couple of old friends however, since everyone's busy during the holidays, it hasn't been easy meeting up. It doesn't help that I don't have a car neither and it is below freezing outside.

At home, I have my sister's pets to keep me company. My favorite is still the white cat but the little doggie has been following me everywhere as well as keeping me company at night.

As always, being back in Montreal is always a good reminder how decrepid my french has become. I should stick with English but it would be so sad to lose my second language... 

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