Friday, December 20, 2013

One Piece, One Thought: My Mackage leather jacket

Mackage leather jacket 

I purchased my very first leather jacket at one of the very first sample sales I have ever attended here in New York. When I heard about the Mackage sample sale I thought, what the heck? When I lived in Montreal (That's where Mackage was born), there were no such things as a Mackage sample sale. What we had was the annual 'La Braderie de mode québécoise' where, when I first attended, had about 3-4 racks of sample Mackage coats. The merchandise has since increased ten folds and occupies a whole floor!

I have attended three Mackage sample sales so far. At the first sale, I purchased this leather jacket. The second time, I bought these. At the latest one, I can see that the stock has more than quadrupled in size. I didn't buy anything. Sure, there was a lot stuff and variety but I personally feel the quality has been compromised however, you can still find some gems amongst the stock.

Anyway, they make bags now!


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