Tuesday, January 14, 2014

That time I made my husband work for his birthday gift... [Pok Pok Satay and Peanut sauce kit]

The satay pork skewers a la Pok Pok

"Baby it's your birthday, cook for me!"

That time I bought my husband a Pok Pok ingredient kit to make thai food for his birthday and thought it was a great idea but it turned out to be a lot of work! This kit included authentic thai ingredients used by chef Andy Ricker to recreate dishes that taste just like it does at Pok Pok. We absolutely loved Pok Pok the last time we went (here).

It took us all morning to prepare the ingredients for the peanut sauce and an afternoon to prepare the satay pork skewers. I didn't really mean to make us work so hard for food because I half-thought the kit would be pre-measured ingredients and we just had to plop all the ingredients together and magically make edible food in an hour later. Of course, I can read the instructions just fine but my wishful-thinking makes my reality blurry and when I found out we had to buy extra ingredients or needed time to prep, I was actually surprised. The fun part of the kit was that we got to use fresh ingredients that we have never worked with before. Fresh stuff including galangal roots, turmeric roots (this stuff stains EVERYthing), asian red shallots, fresh lemongrass and also tamarind paste! I actually never used coconut milk and cream before neither. What was also great was that we used the leftover ingredients to make pad thai (which I totally messed up) and chili sour fish a few days later. Delicious!

Of course I didn't totally mistreat Dave for his birthday. I booked a massage for him that saturday afternoon and that's when I was left all by myself to finish preparing the skewers (and hating every moment of touching raw meat) before our friends came over for dinner. We even fired up the grill for the skewers in the middle of winter! The pork was a bit dry but I thought everything else was pretty decent.

I also bought the Thai iced tea kit but we have yet to try it! I don't know if I would recommend it now that I saw that it's basically green tea with coloring in it? It's imported from Thailand (Pantainorasign brand tea) but I could have easily picked up the tea cloth strainer and condensed milk.

Pok Pok satay pork and peanut butter sauce ingredient kit
Discovered how EASY it was to make fresh peanut butter!!

The making of the peanut sauce...

My fingers post turmeric root chopping

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