Friday, January 3, 2014

We heart Grand Central Station [keiko wears]

Photoshoot in Grand Central Station NYC

On me: Uniqlo top/The Row skirt (purchased at this sale)/Tibi sandals (purchased at this sale)
On him: Proper cloth custom fit shirt/Freeman's Sporting Club jeans (purchased at this sale)/Cole Haan shoes

Our after-wedding photoshoot took place in mid-October last year (yikes! still getting used to 2014) about 3 months after our wedding sooo I guess I would prefer simply calling it a couple's photoshoot. It was a lovely photoshoot in one of New York's most iconic buildings, both of us 30, living in New York and just married! It should be one of the best times of our lives to capture and remember forever! Who knows where we will be in 25? 50 years?

We initially had a bit of jitters about being photographed but they quickly disappeared when Bernie and Molina completely took control of the shoot and told us exactly what to do for every single pose. Not sure what angles work best for me unlike some people who knows their best and most flattering angles, I completely entrusted them to make us look our best. Sure, it is still weird looking at pictures of myself but when I see the big picture and where we were, these pictures have definitely become one of my fave photos!

There are many more photographs I'd like to share but I rather not bombard you all at once! Some seem a bit intimate and would be best kept private *wink*.

Lovely photos taken by the talented Bernie and Molina 


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