Friday, February 21, 2014

nykeiko wears: The not-so-glamourous me during Fashion Week [NYFW 2014]

New York Fashion Week has come and gone and I have bombarded my blog with maybe one too many pictures from the shows. I hope you enjoyed them nonetheless as I did try to not to put every single picture I took and bore y'all. Behind the scenes, I tried to dress up for most of the shows but having to attend shows before or after work proved difficult for me to go all out. The cold weather didn't help neither. No hair blow-outs, no mani-pedis, no full makeup but there was definitely some sweating and wrinkly clothes. 

Here are just a few snapshots of a couple of outfits I wore. I did not take a picture of myself on day one because I really looked like crap and I also just didn't have the time. I attended 6 shows in total this season (click to view posts: Nicholas K, BCBG, Nicole Miller, Rebecca Taylor, Pamella Roland and ICB) thanks to someone who really went to great lengths to help me get some tickets. Not sure if I should share her name in case she gets bombarded with requests but thank you (you know who you are :) I would have loved to attend more if it wasn't for my work but maybe next time I should take a day or two off to be able to enjoy the shows without having to rush too much.

For Nicole Miller
Wilfred blazer/Isabel Marant pour H&M lace top/Rag & Bone jeans/Rodarte x Opening Ceremony shoes (bought here for $10)/Fallon necklace (bought here)

This was what I wore for the Nicole Miller show. I wore everything to work that day except my lace top. I changed into my heels when I got there and put my wet boots into a plastic bag and into my bag. My bag became so huge and heavy! There's no official coat check in the tents and so I had to carry my bag and coat around which made me feel dowdy.

For Rebecca Taylor
 BLK DNM blouse/DVF lace and fake leather skirt/Fallon necklace

Here, my silk blouse turned completely static-chaotic on me and stuck to my body after the removal of my coat. I had to go to the bathroom to sprinkle water on myself and give myself a rub down which made me feel wet and cold and perhaps even make me look like I sweated profusely. Non-sexy for sure. Afterwards, I just looked like a big wrinkly mess.

Click here to see the full show in HD and see the entire Rebecca Taylor collection and my static top.

For Pamella Roland
Helmut Lang blazer, Mackage dress (they don't make clothing anymore!), BOSS shoes

Those heels did not stick to my feet when I was walking due to my tights. There was no friction and the heels kept slipping off making me feel like I was walking like a duck in flip flops (bad analogy). I love the dress and wish I can wear it more often. 

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  1. Love the dress you were wearing for the Pamella Roland show! :) You should definitely wear it more often ;)

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