Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Diptyque sample sale 2014 haul [NYC February 2014 sample sale]

Diptyque sample sale 2014

Sooo maybe I did go a little bit crazy again but not as crazy as last year. In fact, I got so much stuff last year, we're still burning through it. To be fair, I bought a shit load of candles thinking I'd be giving them out as gifts for friends who travelled far to come to our wedding last summer. That didn't happen so I kept everything all for myself (to the husband's dismay) and maybe gave some away as gifts (maybe only one).

The prices of the standard candles went up by $5 this year but that didn't stop the crowd from shopping the sale. By the time I got there, there were no more standard candles in popular scents. There was also no more soaps which made nice gifts. This year, despite buying less, I paid a lot more. I grabbed some colored candles which are much bigger than the standard candles at 300 g each. I also got a Baies candle and oval set which would make a super nice gift .. for myself. I also got a 'Do Son' eau de toilette and body lotion as as well as a bottle of 'Eau Rose' natural spray. I love everything I got and it will last me well until next year's sale I am sure!

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  1. what time did you end up going? its a decent haul =)

  2. god, wish we have something like this in Hong Kong!