Monday, February 3, 2014

NYCB art series presenting French artist JR "Inside Out" -Feb 2-9

JR "Inside Out" Project collab with NYCB

"Exhibiting freely in the streets of the world, JR catches the attention of people who are not typical museum visitors. His largest project to date, INSIDE OUT, was born in 2011 when JR won the TED prize and called for the creation of a global art project with the potential to change the world. Transforming messages of personal identity into public works of art, more than 172,000 people have taken part in nearly 8,600 locations around the world."
via NYCB

Posing with the dancers
NYCB Art series featuring JR

Child at heart

I attended the ballet this weekend with a girl friend which we were both looking forward to for weeks. Both of us left our husband at home while we enjoyed an afternoon of ballet and good food. We scored some orchestra seats for $29 (but moved to the $135 seats right beside us) and it was the best purchase ever! We watched 3 of George Balanchine's pieces including 'Concerto Barocco', 'Kammermusik 2' and both our favorite, 'Who Cares?' with music by George Gershwin. What a treat! After the show, we went up to the first ring to check out french artist JR's project "Inside Out" featuring the 80 members of the NYCB. It was fun to see people interacting with the images on the floor. I was reluctant to jump in at first until my friend started lying on the floor and posing while I took some pictures.

Our treat didn't stop there when we went over to k-town to grab some korean dumplings at Mandoo Bar and coffee with fresh Korean fried doughnuts (Ho-dduks) with a side of vanilla ice cream at Grace Street.

Ho-dduks at Grace Street NY 

Oh, if all Saturdays could be this yummy...


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