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NYFW: Meeting Pamella Roland and runway pictures [New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014]

nykeiko: Pamella DeVos of Pamella Roland

Pamella DeVos started her career as a business woman and founded Pamella Roland back in 2002 when she felt a need to design comfortable gowns to wear for many of the events she needed to attend. Pamella takes pride in her dresses that are all made in the city of New York which undeniable needs more support as it is not only important for the city's economy but as well as the country's; not to outsource. Recently, she has been working on a more budget friendly line called Pamella by Pamella Roland although we are uncertain if the production of her dresses will remain in the garment district or to be outsourced.

I had the chance to briefly speak with the amicable Pamella right before her Fall Winter fashion show held at the Salon in the Lincoln Center. So here it is...

H: What was your inspiration for your Fall/Winter collection?

P: My inspiration started out here with my friend T.J. Wilcox who just closed his show ("In the Air") at the Whitney on Sunday. And when I went up to his studio, we saw all of New York and looked at some these buildings like the Chrysler building and Empire State building which were built in the early 30s. This is when we really got excited and were inspired from New York and the 30s and the art deco.

H: As you know, Alexander Wang moved his show into Brooklyn and created a big buzz. How would you feel if the entirety of NYFW was moved to Brooklyn? How would you feel about it?

P:(grimace) I don't mind it here. I was one that didn't not mind the move from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center but moving to Brooklyn would be really tough. I would say probably not.

H: I read that you have lived in Japan, Montreal, Chicago and Michigan. I have also lived in Montreal. What do you miss most about the city?
P: Well, I didn't live there but my business was there. I started with some Canadians and one was french canadian. I love Montreal. It is just Europe. It is a beautiful city. I miss going there all the time.

H: What is the first thing you do when you go there? 
P: We usually sit and have cocktails. It is just a beautiful city and I love walking around there.

H: What would you wear on your off day? Flats or heels?
P: Always heels.

H: What is one of your most expensive indulgences?
P: I love jewelry.

H: What would you do if you won the lotttery?
P: Mmm...I would go on a looong vacation.

H: Speaking of vacation, will you be going on vacation after the show?
P: Yea, I'm actually going to Aspen with my family after this is over.

That's it! Big thanks to the great PR team who helped make this happen for me. And below are some pictures from the show where we can easily see how Pamella drew inspiration from the city. Her collection was also very much about the 30s and glamour which were reflected through the model's hair and makeup. If you haven't seen them yet, here are some of the backstage pics I took.

Which dress do you think is reminiscent of the Chrysler building?

More pics ahead...

Pamella Roland FW 2014 art deco inspired dress

The back is just as important as the front

Pamella Roland and her family after the final walk 

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