Sunday, March 30, 2014

In pictures: Garance Doré Open Studio and Pop-Up shop [NYC Fun]

Garance Doré Open Studio

Live Calligraphy with Nicholas Ouchenir 

Garance Doré 

New Rifle Paper Co. products
Jack's Stir Brew

I was pretty excited when I read on Garance Doré's blog that there would be an event happening in their new studio in New York. First, I was excited to be able to "bump" into Garance again since the last time I saw her at Scott Schuman's book signing. Second, her new line of stationary collab with Rifle Paper Co. intrigued me and third, I wanted to see her studio!

The Open Studio happened this past Friday and Saturday however I was only able to make it on the rainy Saturday afternoon. It was cold, windy and rainy but it was worth it. There was a big turnout despite the weather and everybody seem to be in a good mood. Surrounded by beautiful stationary, live calligraphy with Nicholas Ouchenir, free Jack's Stir Brew coffee and tea, Tatlly's temporary tattoos, a letter writing station with complimentary stamps; and in the presence of Garance herself, there was no reason to feel gloomy like the weather that day. We also got a special promo code to enjoy 15% off off our next purchase on (code:OPENSTUDIO15). Enjoy!

I was only able to stay for less than an hour. I took lots of pictures, had a cup of coffee and picked up a couple of greeting cards and notebooks. They were also selling some of Garance's posters which I have already bought a while ago but wish I had brought it with me to have Garance sign it in person. Garance was there the whole time I was. She walked around, chatted with people, re-stocked the merchandise, signed some autographs and even tidied up the place. I am usually not shy to strike up a conversation but there were so many people, I didn't want to bother her. I also read her blog religiously and therefore feel like I know everything about her even though it may not be so. 

Thanks Garance for opening up your studio doors with such warmth...except, I know this is not the actual studio your team works at, right? Can't wait for the next planned event!

All pictures taken by me. 

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  1. Yes this was a wonderful event wasn't it? I had the best time! And of course spent too much money : O

    Allie of ALLIE NYC