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nykeiko shops::J. Mendel sample sale [March 2014 NYC sample sale]

J. Mendel sample sale 2014
I love J. Mendel sample sales. I love them because I get to see and feel beautiful runway gowns. I guess I could also do that in the retail stores but at the sample sales, there's no judging and even if I think 80% off a $10,000 gown is not good enough, it is perfectly okay. The staff won't hate me. This year's sample sale is comparable to last year's sale. It was certainly more fun for me last year since I was actually shopping for a gown (for my wedding!). There was also a small private sale back in October but the March one is so much better!

The sale opens to the public today and it will be great to shop for the early risers as well as the afternoon birds since I read that there will be midday restocking of samples. And samples my friend, is what you want to wait for. Will the sale be worth the trip midtown (27 Union Square West)? Well, read on to find out.

First thing you should know about; there is a box full of shoes filled with Manolo Blahniks, Christian Louboutins and J.Mendel shoes for just $25. The catch? They are all sizes 39 and up and most have been slightly worn with some noticeable imperfections however, they are no worse than what you will find in consignment stores except there, they would never be $25 right? What else to look out for? $75 pairs of Manolo strappy patent pumps (sizes 38 and up) and suede pony/lizard skin boots for only $150. These were seen on the Fall 2013 runway last year and retail for $1,975. If you do the math right, that's almost 93% off on Manolos! The down side is, there are are none in small sizes.

What else should you look out for? Samples! This time, they are mixed in with the ready-to-wear but here, you will find sample pants for only $25. There is also a bunch of these pre-fall 2013 printed slim trousers for only $75 (retail at $1,880). Those were the best deals I found in the ready-to-wear racks.

There is also 3 racks filled with beautiful evening dresses and gowns.  I saw a mix of both Spring and Fall 2013 runway looks. From Spring 2013: I saw this belt, this beautiful gown and this one too.  From Fall 2013: I saw this dress, this top and skirt, something like this dress. Sure, most pieces might be too big but there's nothing a good seamstress can't handle.

There are also a table full of accessories starring fur pillows, furry ear muffs ($150-$250) and furry ear muffs with Sony headphones too ($450). I saw about five leather bags; high-waisted belts ($300), shearling ($200) or fur trooper hats ($720); fox fur shawls ($875) and red fur hand warmers ($580). There was no jewelry this year.

And of course, the sale is very well known for the fur selection. There is a bountiful amount of fur coats, fur vests, fur shawls and furry shearling coats to pick from. Some shoppers seem very happy with the deals that they are getting and trying on the coats based on the look more than a look at the price. I've got noted some prices below.

And now it is time for some pictures:


$75 Manolos

Manolo Blahnik shoes $75-$100
$150 boots (suede pony and lizard skin)
Box of $25 shoes. Spot the red soles?
Handbags and totes. The black alligator tote is $6,300 while the other handbags are $5,000


Oh these molded bustiers are so sexy...
Leather bustier $450 (from $1,980)
Runway Python molded bustier $700 from $2,800
Hot red leather dress is $750 from $2,990.
Tank dress $615 from $2,450

Ready-to-wear + samples rack

Pre-fall slim trousers $75 (from $1,880). Still available on Shopbop
I tried them on. Not for me. 

$25 sample slim trousers. I grabbed these but have no idea when to wear them.

Fitted bustier dress 4747, was $2,990

Beautiful lace top dress $750
And the gowns...

Gorgeous! Fall 2013 runway look sleeveless embroidered gown is $2,100 (was $8,400)
Sample tribal beaded gown $1,000
Sample organza white dress for the brides. $500. Slight wear.

More accessories...ear muffs ($150-$250) and ear muffs with Sony headphones ($450)

$150 ear muffs
$150 belts
Alligator belts $300, were $1,200

$200 shearling and $720 for fox trooper hat

Furry pillows: $725 for the white one

Sample two-toned leather wool coat $1,995 (sugg. etail $7,980) 

Leather wool jackets $1,212.50
Okay, now the FUR stuff. 
(If you work for Peta or fur stuff, don't scroll down please) 

Shearling coats. Some were $1,300 from $6,500

Sable fur coats
Chinchilla Boleros $3,750 (from $15,000). Chinchilla Jackets $5,625 (from $22,500). Barguzine sable vest $11,250.

Hooded shadow fox vest $$1,875 from $7,500

What I picked up

Other than the pair of pants, I also picked up these pair of boots for $150! They are one size too big for me but since Manolos are made small and shoe soles are my friends, they should be perfect. See on the runway here
I just think they are too nice for me to walk around in so I'll save them for taxi rides around the city. Can you imagine getting salt stains on these? They would be impossible(a fortune) to remove!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great review! And nice job on scoring those boots! :)

  2. Excellent report! Thanks so much! Please keep up these sample sale reviews. Congrats on those boots!