Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday isn't so bad when this happens...

Here is what happened to me this morning. I was running late for work and realized that I had forgotten my unlimited Metrocard at home the moment I entered the station. Fuck! I have to go back home and I'm late (and lazy!). It must be Monday! When I didn't feel like going back home, I contemplated using the cash cards I have but didn't feel like wasting money so, I decided to pick up a Metrocard that I spotted on the floor when I entered the station. I checked the balance and there was $18 on it! I swiped myself in with a big smile and happy I didn't have to go back home or spend money. Then, I wondered about the person who lost it. He or she is probably not smiling when he/she figures out he/she lost his/her card. But who cares! I have lost my unlimited Metrocard more than three times last year. I probably made whomever found it a very happy person (before I cancelled the card)! Give a little, take a little.

I am not even sure why I was so cheap about using my cash Metrocards especially when most of them I got off the floor (I have Purell!!). You see, after MTA started charging $1 for metrocards, you can assume half of the metrocards you see on the floor have been dropped by accident since people are now re-using them. We have picked up almost $100 worth of rides by now. Really! One time, we picked up a card with $50 on it at the Yankee stadium! It was definitely put to good use when my sister and parents visited last year.

So my advice. Pick up that clean Metrocard (the clean ones have higher chances of containing money) and use Purell! Oh, and farther the cards are found away from the subway the better since it's less likely someone threw it because it was empty!
It is free money and better for the environment?!


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  1. That'll the first thing I'll check when I come down in May (if I do) and I'll make sure to have a bottle of hand sanitizer with me. More money for food; wouhou!