Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My own Q&A #2: I like facials and massages

1. Cats or dogs?
Both. As long as they are cute and cuddly, I will love them.
Although I am allergic to cats, I still cannot resist getting close to them. The cats you see in the picture above belong to my sister and whenever I see them, I like to rub my face in their fluffy fur. They are totally worth the sufferance.

2. Most expensive indulgences?
Getting a facial or massage.

3. What is something in New York you are not used to?
Saying metro instead of subway. It is the Canadian in me.

4. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
Remove ALL pollutants and toxins in all our food, clothes, skincare, farms....everything on planet Earth. Do you know how big of a difference that would make for humanity as well as nature? Everything would be less complicated and I bet the risk of cancers would diminish by a million fold! I would also worry less about what I put in my mouth or put on my skin.

5. What is one food you love but can live without.
What is edible in the world that I have not tried and therefore passively know that I can live without it. Okay, that's not fair. Hmm.. in this moment, I would say beef tartare. I love salmon tartare more :) I can live without okra too.


Thanks for reading!

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