Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekender: David Barton, Williamsburg, Standard hotel, Umami burger, SoHo [almost Spring]

This past weekend started off with a kick-ass workout at David Barton gym (Astor Place) hosted by Racked NY. Everyone was in good spirits during the "Pain and Pleasure" class we endured on Friday night. I almost didn't make it to the end! I never ever do weights except when I carry my grocery bags but even that's often too hard for me. In fact, just the other day, I couldn't carry one bag of Trader Joe's grocery and called Dave from the subway for him to meet me half way. So pitiful I know. During the class, we used weights up to ten pounds to do squats, curls and sit ups. Three days later, I am still sore but loving the reminder that I indeed DO have abs even though I haven't seen them in a while! After class, I ventured deep into Brooklyn to join some friends for dinner and played with a cat the entire night.

The next day, soreness made me stay in bed. I slept in, woke up to have some cereal and then took a nap until 2 p.m. It was such a beautiful day and antsy Dave was all dressed with his coat on waiting for me to get the hell up already! I had an out-of-town friend waiting to meet up as well. We asked him to venture into Williamsburg since he's been cooped up in Manhattan for a few days and every single person needs to experience Williamsburg at least once right? We are going to miss Brooklyn when we move out so we took advantage of a beautiful day to walk around south Williamsburg for hours discovering the new shops and cafes that have sprouted up this past couple of years.

Mast Brothers store
When we met up with my friend, we took him to Blue Bottle coffee and the indoor Brooklyn Flea/Smorgasburg venue on N 5 th. Afterwards, we grabbed drinks at the Counting Room and then hopped on the L train to Manhattan and straight to the Meatpacking district. Here, we went to the rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel (the one you don't have to dress up for) and got a couple of horrible drinks. My gimlet, I didn't even finish it. The bathroom was nice though. For dinner, we wanted to take him to Spice Market but with the hour long wait (it was already 10 p.m.), we opt to try another place. Umami burger! A place we have wanted to try since it opened. The Truffl'd burgers are as good as it has been raved about. The truffle is over-powering but since I love truffle, it was perfect!

Someone went bun-less (not me!) but then ate all the fries later..

Umami burger
The next day, my friend and I spent almost the entire day shopping in Soho. I didn't buy anything except a card for a baby shower and a $45 lunch/dinner. I didn't take pictures but I have my eye set on a jacket from Mackage which I got to try on at the store. I have been looking for a lightweight, water resistant long coat for quite some time. I'm going to wait for a sale and snatch it up when it does! Oh and I also saw the cutest printed dress at Club Monaco but it was over $229 and with the chilly weather still lingering, I had no desire to try it on! Actually, on the model, it doesn't look so alluring anymore. Buuuut then maybe it will look better on me because I'm more tanned. Gosh I like to talk myself into buying things...

That was pretty much my weekend! How was yours??

Thanks for reading! xx

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