Monday, April 21, 2014

Goodbye Brooklyn, hello Manhattan!

We love rolling around on that rug...
First day in the apartment! I took the day off to continue unpacking and making the apartment more livable. There is still a lot to put away. I end up moving a lot of crap into the guest room and it might stay there for a while. I'm so exhausted! I also had a consultation with California Closet today. We will be adding lots of shelves and drawers in the closet for better organization of our shizz. When we were trying to figure out how many shelves should be dedicated for my shoes, the consultant said I actually don't have that many pairs of shoes at all. I wish Dave was there to hear that. This will be the only work we're doing in the apartment so far. Next phase would be the kitchen but for now...we're just looking to buy new lamps (the one in the picture is borrowed), new coffee table, side table, armchair and a TV. We never owned a TV before and need something to entertain our guests.

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