Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Little treats + all my stuff [feature: Garance Dore x Paper Rifle Co.]

Um... I like pretty things and here are the latest of the pretty things I have accumulated ... to my husband's dismay. We're moving and he's complaining about all the stuff we have to move. I totally understand, I wish I could just snap my fingers and everything is transported to the new home. I just sold my giant Ikea Pax closet which stored only MY things. I got to admit that I have unearthed things I have forgotten about or not worn for years. Sometimes the guilt creeps in but then I look at the object, tilt my head and cherish it again. That's the type of stuff you want to keep right? But I agree that sometimes I do find things where I am like "Why the fuck did I get this?" and those are the things I will discard. Let me tell you this, the salvation army is going to loooove my stuff!

Anyway, here are the items I picked up at the Garance Dore Open Studio event I attended a couple of weeks ago. Big and small notebooks and a variety of cards. Oh, and everything is on our newly acquired sheepskin rug (it's at the cleaner's now) which I think I'll be using as my background a lot more for pretty picture taking. Love it!

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