Thursday, April 3, 2014

My #TBT =#ThrowbackTravels #3: Dynamic Yunnan show in Kunming 2009 [Peacock dance]

The peacock dance is one of the most famous traditional folklore dance of the Dai minority in China.

Peacock dance
The picture above is one I took during a show I caught with my parents during a trip to Kunming back in 2010. Dancer and choreographer Yang Li Ping, is world famous for her interpretation of the peacock dance which she has perfected at the early start of her career to make it her own. Yang Li Ping herself directed and choreographed the entire show where she drew a lot of her inspiration from her country's ethnic tribes, nature and wildlife. A year before that, we caught the same show while it was touring and made a stop in Taiwan. I feel very lucky to have seen this amazing show twice. I felt even more lucky to have seen Yang Li Ping herself during the tour while the show in Kunming featured her very talented apprentice. Although her apprentice was amazing, most people agree that Yang Li Ping's talent is uncomparable. Dynamic Yunnan is absolutely amazing and mesmerizing. Few dances could leave me speechless like this show did.

This particular dance, Moon-Solo Dance, left me utterly speechless. You can watch it on Youtube but if you could see it in person, you would definitely get goosebumps from the raw talent exuded by Yang Li Ping.

Dynamic Yunnan-Country of Daughters
This dance is called "Country of Daughters" which I had the chance to dance our own interpretation of it when I was part of a Chinese dance troupe back in Montreal. It was intense and emotional. I loved every second of dancing it.

Pictures taken by me.

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  1. I remember that show when you danced the Country of Daughters interpretation. It was incredible! I also remember the one you were in with two other girls and the long 'pole' and flower. Great performances. ��