Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What are New Yorkers lining up for this time? [Sort of Montreal-style bagels at Black Seed Bagels]

Something novel is always happening in New York. Whether it is a hot new restaurant, The Cronut™ or a pop-up cat café (http://www.purinaone.com/cats/28-day-challenge/nyc-cat-café), New Yorkers seem to be always lining up for something.

What are Manhattanites with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) lining up for this time around?
If you were in Nolita these couple of weeks, you might have noticed a queue forming outside a new bagel shop on Elizabeth street called Black Seed Bagels (http://www.blackseedbagels.com/). Everyone is trying to get his or her mouth around a doughy treat with a hole in the middle that is NOT The Cronut™.

Black Seed Bagels (opened by Montrealer Noah Bernanoff and New Yorker Matt Kliegman) is serving up Montreal-New York hybrid-style bagels and they’re being eaten up by the minute. Selling out hours before closing time, the shop has for now, implemented a 2-3 bagels max per person cap. These hybrid bagels have a little taste of New York (malt, salt, no egg and high-gluten flour) but are hand-rolled, poached in honey water and baked in a wood-burning oven; just like they do it up in Montreal since the good ol’ days. I am from Montreal so I know how bagels are a big deal.

Montreal bagels have a never-ending rivalry with their New York counterparts. Many critics have sided with both bagels but one foodie, the late Steven Shaw, purchased both Montreal and New York bagels at the same time in the morning, had the bagels flown in from Montreal to do a taste test. His conclusion? Montreal bagels simply taste better. That is one man’s opinion so, what is yours? Although these bagels are not truly 100% Montreal bagels, they are close enough. Now you can do your own bagel showdown without having to put your bagels on a plane. As for me, maybe I can stop asking my friends to import them for me when they visit.

Stumptown coffee is served

Montrealer Joel Tietolman (co-owner of The Mile End deli) taking orders 
Black Seed head baker Dianna Daoheung

Co-owner restaurateur Noah Bernamoff and operations, Joel Tietolman were all smiles at day 4 of Black Seed opening

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