Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In pictures: CitizenM-Where to sleep in the city that never sleeps...[New York Times Square]

CitizenM room 1414

Welcome to CitizenM 

CitizenM is a Dutch-based hotel chain line that has kicked off in Amsterdam-with great success- and has since opened two more locations in Glasgow and London. Where is the location of their latest venture for helping people get a good night's sleep? Ironically, in the city that never sleeps- New York city! CitizenM NYC is right by Times Square where it really never sleeps...well, except maybe for Earth Hour when Times Square shut off its lights for an hour, yet still attracting a mass to see it turn off :)

When Eva extended her invite to a blogger sleepover party to help celebrate the launch of the new CitizenM hotel in Times Square, I was beyond ecstatic but still trying to keep it cool sorta... How original and exciting! All breeds of bloggers from New York city would be taking over the brand new hotel for one night. To keep everyone merry, there was an open kitchen and cocktail bar along; and live music performances and entertainment (live portrait drawings) throughout the evening. I could have pretended that I am a heir of a hotel owner and do pretty much whatever I wanted (except break stuff)! The goal was to do a soft opening and prep the hotel for its official opening on April 10th. The staff worked really hard to make sure everything ran smoothly and were friendly even at two in the morning.

I am shopping for a new shower head for our apartment and the rain shower in our hotel room gave me some home decorating ideas...

After getting ready, I was ready to head downstairs for some grub time. 

This is only one of three fridges which carried a large variety of beverages to satisfy all types of craving one could possibly have.

I've walked by "Laboratorio Del Gelato" many, many times in the lower east side but never tried it until that night.

From time to time, I'll remember to look up.

Alex Winston took a break from her tour with Group Love to perform a special set for us. I hope she was not offended that many people were looking down at their phones. She must have been okay knowing that she was performing at a party full of bloggers and we were probably all tweeting about her performance to the world! All the songs she sang that night were awesome but I remember her songs "Sister Wife" and "Velvet Elvis" best! I'm already following her on Spotify :) 
Alex Winston : Front row seats
Alex Winston getting original for a portrait by Mike Perry
The ladies I spent the night with...
From left to right: Sachiko (Cutie Patroller), Shelly (Shelly in real life), Eva (Rock Shic), Deanne (Dream Sequins) and me!
Of course I invited a couple of friends to enjoy the evening with us....
with Jen and her man (Stylecurated)
with Andrea M (Inbusinessandinlife) (left) and Gina (right)
When you tell me to do "silly face", I obviously take it very seriously...

We sure ate and drank a lot while chatting about our blogs :)

How many of these Gold Rushes did we have? I think at least 30 glasses amongst all of us!

Good morning New York!

My husband, born and raised in New York, said this was his first time staying in a hotel in the city and he loved every minute of it! We have concluded that we should definitely do more staycations! Here, he had time to watch 20 minutes of Batman as I packed up...

Even though we went to bed past two in the morning, we woke up painfully early to head to Jersey for tomb sweeping. Waking up was hard but the complimentary breakfast made things a lot easier. I'm usually not a fan of bacon but I actually ate a strip..or two. 

Breakfast! This included croissant, roasted tomatoes and potatoes, frittatas, mini bites of egg muffin, sausages, a variety of pastries...I could go on. I wanted to eat light but it was difficult to do so when faced with a buffet of choices. My cappuccino was pretty delicious. The barista said he tried to make me a four-leaf clover which failed and became a three-leaf clover. I said I didn't need it anyway since I felt pretty lucky having the chance to be one of the first people to stay at CitizenM in Times Square New York citayyy!

Laziness prevailed most of us not to go back up to our rooms and change into our favorite pajamas but here is my outfit for the entire evening. My hair was prepped at The DryBar since I have no talent with my own curler.

Top is vintage/Lace and leather skirt by DVF/Shoes by Hugo Boss/Necklace by Fenton.

Finally, if you want to see it all in action...a video CitizenM made.

Thanks for reading xx


  1. So worth trying next time we're in New York?

  2. love all the pics!! so fun hanging out that night! the gold rushes were so good! :)

  3. I love citizenM. It offers a lot to their customers at a really affordable price for New York. I was there last year and I had a great time. I booked the hotel with reservationcounter.com with friends of mine and we had an amazing time in the city that never sleeps. I would definitely go there again.