Monday, April 28, 2014

nykeiko almost eats: Onomea serves Hawaiian Ahi Poke in Williamsburg

Onomea in Williamsburg

We were strolling down Havenmeyer St. heading to our dinner destination when we walked by Onomea. We have read about this joint which opened back in August in Williamsburg. They serve authentic Hawaiian dishes such as ahi tuna poke and Spam musubi. Those who have been to Hawaii before know what a big deal this is. They also serve other traditional Hawaiian dishes such as Kalua pig, Loco-Moco, Teri-Burger as well as freshly brewed 100% Kona coffee.

Ever since coming back from our honeymoon in Hawaii,we have been craving poke (as well as the beaches, the warmth, the hikes, the people...). In Hawaii, we consumed a ton of poke whenever we found it. We were even a little worried about mercury poisoning at one point. We got pretty sick of it by the end of our trip but knew that if we didn't have it then, we would not be able to have it again back on the mainland. Well, who knew (but not surprised) that Williamsburg would be the place to serve up this Hawaiian delicacy.

I wish this post was about how great the poke was and this and that; but as we sat down, the waiter delivered the bad news to us and told us that there was no fresh ahi tuna that day thus, no poke. Since we didn't plan on dining there in the first place and the promise of poke was what got us through the door, we sadly left. Well, we will return for the poke some day but I just wanted to let you guys know that this place exists. Maybe call ahead to check if they got a fresh delivery of ahi tuna if poke is what you are craving :)

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  1. That’s appreciable sharing! I love outdoor adventures and I love to taste different variety of foods. I’m a trustee and I used to visit Hawaii multiple times with the help of hawaiian tours . Well ahi tuna poke is my most favorite Hawaii dishes and I’m really glad to know the Onomea serves Hawaiian restaurant. Now I must visit this restaurant in Williamsburg soon.