Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Vixen Workout- Twerking off some pounds with your lipstick on!

Photo courtesy of Vixen Workout

Are you deeply allergic to the gym like I am? Do you yawn while lifting dumbbells? I have never been able to commit myself to a gym for longer than a year and that was only because I was locked in with a contract with New York Sports Clubs. If it wasn't for that and access to a swimming pool, I would have quit a lot sooner. I simply hate the gym but love being active. I used to be part of two dance troupes back in the days and that was my sole source of physical activity. It kept me in shape and I never once dreaded going to class. That's what I've been seeking here in New York. You would think that with the immense dance culture in New York, I would have joined a dance class already, but truth be told, most classes are way too pricy for me. $20-40 per class seems like the going rate and that's way too much especially if I want to do it often. So, I haven't committed to anything thus far. Well, there was this pole dancing class I was ready to twirl into but they decided to move, close down and take my money with them. That's another story. But I knew then that finding the right teacher and class dynamic was important for me to commit.

When the opportunity came up to try The Vixen Workout with Racked Fit Club, I was intrigued. It was the first time I have heard of this dance fitness class and when I looked it up, I discovered that there is already a huge following of #VixenArmy girls. The craze which started in Miami has now reached New York. This female-only fitness class lets women from all backgrounds-mother, student, wife, CEO- let loose and dance their asses off for 60 minutes to high intensity dance music. I was psyched to try it out for myself.

I must admit that the first ten minute was difficult and a shot of whiskey could have helped loosen me up. But when the instructor reminded us that we're all there for the same reasons-working out and having fun- and that no one is there to judge, I just let it go (cue Frozen song). It also helped that the other women including a pregnant lady, were really into it.

Half way through the class, I was drenched in sweat but couldn't stop smiling. I loved every second of it. I was shaking my gluts like they have never been shaken before. When Beyoncé's songs came on and we got to really dance to the music, I was on a high. I missed dancing so much. It wasn't until after class that I learned that most of the people’s favorite part of The Vixen Workout was feeling like one of Beyoncé's back-up dancers. That was the best part for me too. Sure I didn't quite get the moves right or flip my hair the sexy way I wanted to-most of it stuck to my sweaty face- but I'm going back because it was fun and that's all that matters! Oh and burning between 500 (for beginners) up 1000 calories if you get all the moves down, isn't too shabby.

I recommend you give it a try especially if you have caught yourself saying that you go to nightclubs to dance as a form of calorie-burning “exercise”. Oh and letting your hair down, dabbing your fave red lipstick and wedge sneakers while working out is highly recommended.
After twerkout selfie with the Racked team- The semi-Hunger pose!

I'm a fan. Sweat fest guaranteed.
Great class! Pic courtesy of @Desi_Couth from Vixen Workout.

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