Thursday, May 29, 2014

My #TBT=#ThrowbackTravels #10: Surfing in Indonesia, Bali 2009

Here I am surfing or falling....

I paid a super tanned Indonesian dude $5 USD to get me on a surfboard for an hour. Actually, I have a picture of me shaking on that deal. 

My instructor was actually this friendly dude with his floating hat.

I bargained to get this super deal but couldn't even make it pass one hour. I remember being exhausted about half way through. To keep swimming back against the waves over and over again. Surfin' ain't easy duuude. The waves weren't even big that day which facilitated me staying on my surfboard. For real surfers, the waves were probably something they would scoff at. I don't care. I still love saying that I've tried surfboarding in Indonesia anyway!

 All pictures are courtesy of my dad. He had just purchased his first SLR camera and documented my surfing experience from beginning to end. I giggle remembering how my dad was careful with taking pictures and rarely took any consecutive shots. He was not used to the concept of digital memory and constantly worried about running out of film. When I'd be snapping away multiple shots, he would scold me for wasting "film". But he's better now. In fact, he's taken photography classes and has a camera lens ten times the cost of my own!

(Damn, I miss my 25 year old body)

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