Sunday, May 25, 2014

nykeiko play: An evening inside New York's most iconic Plaza hotel...

The Plaza hotel, built in 1907 is over a hundred years old and is an official New York City landmark. This place holds a lot of history and although a popular tourist attraction, it was placed back on the map after last year's The Great Gatsby movie which was based on one of Scott Fitzgerald's most famous novel. Before that, I knew it best from movies like Home Alone 2 and Bride War. Man, I really liked Home Alone 2. I would love to stay at The Plaza hotel, order a bunch of pizza and candies, and then charge it on someone else's credit card...Hey Plaza, call me maybe?

Even though we hosted a petite post-wedding ceremony afternoon tea at the Plaza's Palm Court last summer, I never got to experience The Plaza in its full splendor and elegance, which would be inside the lavish Grand Ballroom. So when a bunch of doctors and scientists got to ditch their lab coats and party in one of New York's most iconic landmarks to celebrate their boss' success- we took full advantage of it (especially with an open bar, delicious buffet and loads of desserts!). All of us were very grateful for this rare experience.

Here are just a few pictures I took from my iphone and point-and-shoot camera which does not capture the greatness of this beautiful venue.

Just a few of my colleagues...

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