Monday, May 26, 2014

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Sandra Spannan Gold mirror and monochromatic industrial white lamp

Uh oh. Memorial Day weekend means for many BBQs, picnics, relaxing and of course, sales! All these sale alerts flooding my inbox is kiiiillling me! Despite attending a lot of sample sales, I actually have not bought anything for a while (clothing-wise because I have been dropping dough elsewhere as you will see). As mentioned before, having to move all my stuff from the old apartment to our new one made me realize how much shit I own so I kinda slowed down a bit in the shopping department.

During the past month, my purchases have been mostly for the apartment, big and small. This includes an Aerobed mattress (on sale for $50!), white industrial floor lamp (on sale $25!), shower head (rain shower!), toilet seat (necessity), West Elm coffee table (we didn't receive this yet as it is on backorder. This was major $$ even with a discount), a large sheepskin rug (best purchase ever!), air purifier (we live near a highway), kitchenware (in need of matching plates), West Elm faux fur throw (we did not need this but it was on sale for only $14! Usually retails for $119) and window curtains (still looking for blackout curtains)! This is just to name a few because the list does not end here for sure. New home = $$$$.

Based on my credit card statements, my last clothing purchase was back early April  at the Elizabeth and James sample sale. I bought just one pair of black jeans for only $55 to replace one I discarded due to a large tear in the rear (my only black skinny jeans). And before that, purchases at the J.Mendel sample sale early March! So I have been pretty good lately (of course, not according to the husband who practically buys clothes probably once a year) up until this past weekend where I might take advantage of this Bloomingdale's Memorial Day sale going on. Bloomies is offering an extra 20% off clearance items + $50 worth of Loyalist points with a purchase of over $200 + a 6% cash back with ebates. I have been looking for a light long jacket to replace an old one I've had and worn since my collegiate years. I have sewn shut holes in the pockets multiple times, a broken zipper, lost the fur trimming, a hoodie that has somehow shrunk and does not fit my head anymore; and most annoyingly, the color has long faded which makes it look dirty and old (not like vintage old, just old old). It's almost 10 years old I believe. Yes I have other jackets but I need one that is functional and practical and not afraid to get dirty.  I was looking at all these feminine bright colored jackets but I probably won't wear it on a day to day basis. I ordered it online so I hope I'll like it in when it arrives. shopping shopping.


  1. Where did you get your sheepskin rug? And how much discount did you get for that West Elm coffee table? I was looking for a similar one from Bo Concepts but theirs is so much more expensive!

    1. Hey there! I got the sheepskin rug from a friend of a friend for a great deal $80! But shopping around, it looks like there are sheepskin rug sold everywhere at any prices. I've even seen small ones at Ikea for less than $20! I got a 15% discount off West Elm from a special promo email we received. You can also sign up with email and receive 10% off purchase...or, you can call the store and they might be able to waive off shipping fees for you...but you might have to ask really nicely or to the right person that can do the discount for you. We saw many of these tables on Craigslist as well but careful with scammers! Hope this helps! x

  2. Oh my Elizabeth and James sample sale! Count me in!! Nice. But that is pretty good no apparel purchases since April.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. OMG how did you get the super chic Ombre Faux Fur Throw for $14? How do I learn your sale-shopping ways?

  4. Price honoring! They told me it was on sale and told me the wrong price...they honored it anyway. I got lucky. It was suppose to be on sale for $55 or something..which is still good!