Thursday, May 1, 2014

#TBT = My #ThrowbackTravels #6: Ice fishing somewhere in Quebec

Here's our cow-pattern cabin...
Back in 2003, I went ice fishing with a bunch of friends and did not know what I was getting myself into. Having lived in Montreal most of my life, this was not a common activity amongst my inner or outer circles, although it could be. But when the idea came up to go ice fishing, I thought why not? It is perfectly safe and sane during the coldest month of winter in Canada to park a cabin on top of ice, in the middle of a lake and attempt to catch some fishies. Doesn't sound like fun? See how it could be very fun. This is how Anthony Bourdain and Joe Beef's Dave McMillan and Fred Morin did it (Video clip). Of course this is totally not representative of this traditional winter activity (but should be). We did not have truffle shaved meals or foie gras or any of that...what we had was each other and a good time.

I was obviously ill-prepared for the trip. In the picture below, that's me wearing jeans (probably didn't have a base-layer) in my non-waterproof leather boots and a Miss Sixty jackets (at least it was a down jacket). Totally not winter-appropriate. I was mostly inside but from time to time would go check up on the baits to show that I was participating. That captured on camera for proof.

We stayed the whole day and barely caught any fish. There was a lot of beer and chips consumption from what I can remember. I also recall trying to cook the fish in the beer can...

Catch of the day

Note: It is not a jumbo is simply three tiny fishes smaller than a regular napkin.

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