Thursday, May 22, 2014

#TBT=#ThrowbackTravels #9: Gaspésie, Québec 1999

My real first road trip was with my best friend from high school. Two underage gals (I think we were 15?) without adult supervision (parental approval was a challenge) on an 18-hour bus ride from Montreal to the tip of the St-Lawrence River. Destination:Gaspésie.

It was one of the most memorable trip of my life. We had spooky ghost tales (the window we probably forgot we opened), one drunken night with half a bottle of wine (party like it's 1999), we made Blair Witch Project-type shooting in the middle of the night by the ocean, ate fresh lobsters and even went kayaking by the famous Percé Rock. But what I remember doing most is the laughing until-you-can't-breathe-pee-in-your-pants moments.

Here's my friend, eyes closed, basking in the sun with the Percé Rock as the backdrop. Enjoying our blissful youth. No worries, no heartbreaks, no job, no bills, bills, bills...

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