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nykeiko eats: In pictures- Decade of Shack Hummburger in all angles #DecadeofShack

Decare of Shack-The Hummburger. I could have done without the bacons but I was glad it was there anyway.
Like a supermodel photo shoot but instead of a supermodel, it is a burger. A limited 'edition' burger for Shake Shack's 'Decade of Shack' 10th anniversary celebrations. The hamburger I am showcasing here is the result of a culinary collaboration with Shake Shack and five world-class chefs. The celebration happened last week in its entirety where from Monday through Friday, foodies get to taste 5 different delectable burgers crafted by Daniel Boulud, David Chang, Andrew Zimmern, Daniel Humm and April Bloomfield.

We tried the Humm burger by Daniel Humm (chef/owner of The Nomad and Eleven Madison Park). I have a picture of the burgers in every angle possible. Except the bottom (too soggy to pick up). Side effects: You might drool.

Yeaaaa... It is probably one of the best burgers we have ever had and the idea that we may never taste this again, makes it even better. It's like a historical, once-in-a-lifetime thing. To us it was anyway, since Daniel Humm can probably make one whenever he feels like it. But for hundreds of New Yorkers, this was kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing. What makes this one better than the other 4 burgers offered is that this one had real truffles shavings (I mean, only if it's your your thing). Truffles are kind of not affordable (except maybe the fake ones from China). So when you only have to pay $8.50 for a burger with truffles, it will probably attract a crowd and it sure did. Thursday's Hummburger drew one of the largest crowd in Shake Shack's history (David Chang's burgers also drew a large crowd that week). The line snaked from the shack hut all the way outside the park nearing 26th street. Although it was announced that 1000 burgers would be served per day, an employee told us they upped the number to 1,500 in anticipation for the largest crowd ever. To appease the anxious crowd, the chefs came out to greet the fans, free Shack Shack sunglasses were handed out and chilled Prosecco was served!

I did not think I would make it but with my husband's willingness to try real truffles without the high price tag and in the company of cousins, he went to line up early on Thursday morning. I got to show up late but just in time for the feasting.

Decade of Shack burger- The Hummburger and all the truffles that came with it

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