Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Le French Press

Nice combo: No Six Depot coffee, S'well bottle, Bodum french press

For years I have purchased my coffee from local cafés, food carts, Starbucks and wherever serves this legal addictive drug to the mass. I probably already spent thousands of dollars on coffee since I've started drinking it (It is a good thing I started late in life!). To save some money, I even bought my own Nespresso cups to use with a Nespresso machine being shared at work, but they randomly lock up the room where it sits which makes it an unreliable source of coffee. I have always wanted to make my own coffee at home but since the husband does not consume coffee at all (It's a good thing because he's already cray cray. Joking. He's totally not but I don't know how he works long days on natural fuels.). It would be a waste to get any type of coffee making machinery at home especially when all I need is one coffee per day.

Then, almost two years later, I remembered something we unearthed while moving a couple of months ago. A Bodum French Press Dave received as a birthday present from a friend (who obviously did not know that he was one of the rare specimens on Earth that does not drink coffee). The French Press has been sitting there untouched for years since I had no knowledge how to use one (If I had known how simple it is sooner...). Now that I had the French Press ready, I needed grind. I finally found an excuse to contact No Six Depot (remember our trip to the Berkshires?) and ordered some of their perfectly hand-roasted coffees (Blue Velvet is yummy). It arrived very quickly and so, here I am, enjoying a nice smooth cup of coffee almost every single day which takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. When you start the day with a nice dose of caffeine, you feel that juuuust right.

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