Monday, June 9, 2014

nykeiko eats: Uni pasta and duck at Basta Pasta NYC

As we wandered around the Flatiron distract on a beautiful Friday evening with no concrete plans except wanting to be out in the sun, our appetite to try something new and delicious surged. Searching nearby restaurant, Basta Pasta popped up. Uni pasta instantly popped up in my mind and a bit of salivating ensued. Having eaten pasta the night before, it was perfect to have it AGAIN. Washing down carbs with more carbs makes sense to me. We called to find out what the wait was for two if we get there in 5 minutes. It was 7 pm on a Friday. No wait. Surprised but happy. When we arrived, there was a short wait which was just enough time to order a drink (Sangria Bianca) and take one sip before being seated.

Basta Pasta: Sangria Bianca
Seeing chefs cooking my food is always entertaining and reassuring. No mice over here.

Chefs at work at Basta Pasta
More pics after the jump!

We didn't over-order at this meal (we tend to do that). One appetizer and two entrees. All I wanted was my uni pasta anyway. Dave made the right choice with the duck breast which we were told would be a 40-minute wait. Totally worth the wait. I happily stuffed my face with breadsticks and olive oil dipped olive bread.

The appetizer we had was the grilled squid with homemade sausage stuffed with curry risotto. I like the squid but not so much the curry risotto.

Grilled squid with homemade sausage with curry risotto, raisins and prosciutto.

The duck breast with wild mushrooms was absolutely delicious. Maybe I just love anything with wild mushrooms but this hit the spot.

And of course my uni pasta dish. Spicy and sea-urchiny. The spiciness was a nice surprise because I love spicy! Al dente pasta, fresh basils and tomatoes mixed together was just perfect.

Linguine al Ricci di mare-with fresh sea urchin, pink sauce and fresh basil
Next time, I have to make sure we're extra hungry so we can try their desserts. We had dessert first before our meal. Dave and I shared a large bubble tea with pudding from Come Buy before dinner...teehee.

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