Saturday, July 12, 2014

Your feet will thank you....[Fishion Herb Center]

I just wanted to tell you guys about this little place in Manhattan that can offer you what your feet may need. Forget the name, just remember the address. (Fishion Herb Center sounds fishy.) This place is not fancy or anything as you can see from my pictures but if you like a nice strong foot massage for a decent price- come here and ask for Tony, he can give you what you need.

I love foot massages. When a hand starts rolling down my foot pad, my eyes start rolling back. I've had Tony push on my feet so hard one time, it bruised for days. I like it when it hurts. Although I am grimacing and my palms become sweaty for the duration of the massage, I still endure it knowing that my feet will feel great- like walking on air. The $25 price tag for a 40-minute foot reflexology is definitely a great deal for New York city.  I have never tried the other massage services offered here but with the amount of people walking in this place every hour, I have a feeling they have a lot of satisfied customers.

Keeping it sanitary with paper towels and plastic bags.
This is important to know for some people. 

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