Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Still shaking my booty.....[VIP Vixen Workout "the concert" NYC]

Josie, Janet, Julie and Melissa of the Vixen Workout
It was me and Dave's one year wedding anniversary this past Saturday and what did I do? I ditched my husband to go dancing in a nightclub (Highline Ballroom) midday with a bunch of vixens for the first ever Vixen Workout "The concert" event in New York city #VixenArmy. I was looking forward to the event the moment I RSVP'ed for free.

I RSVP'ed right away even though I knew it was on our anniversary but did not feel so bad about it because I jotted it down in my calendar under the restaurant reservation I made a few weeks in advance (Props to myself for being prepared ;p) Putting in a workout before the day starts is never a bad thing! But then as we got closer to our anniversary date, we started making plans for that day and I sorta forgot about the event, thinking it was a class I could cancel if I had to. Dave proposed to go Upstate New York to do some kayaking on the Hudson river and then back to the city to slurp on some fresh oysters by the Hudson! I was totally up for it but then I remembered about the event and really did not want to miss it. Thank goodness Dave was understanding (he always is and that's why I love him so.) That morning when I happily sprinted out the door to head to class, I gleefully shouted "Happy wife, happy life!"

It was so amazing seeing our teachers up on stage all glammed up in full makeup and hair. I almost teared I was so happy for them and also remembering the amazing feeling to be on stage (I was a dancer too!) It was truly a lot of fun although confusing to follow since the teachers were facing us and I kept forgetting which directions to follow. I'm so happy to have found the Vixen Workout  (thanks to Racked's Fitness Club :) and I want to be part of this family for as long as I am able shake my booty. My cardio tolerance has also improved since my first class where I wanted to faint every 5 minutes or so. Now, I barely take any water breaks!

The event was about two hours long and it was loads of fun. I came home to a pouty but patient husband (When I opened the door, he was seated and his feet were bouncing up and down: "I'm ready to go!")  I took a quick shower and we were out the door in no time. We had a nice afternoon and evening planned which I'll share with you soon.

Me and Vixen Workout founder Janet Jones

A glimpse from that day...the videographer was booty shakin' as well which was pretty awesome because she was going all out.


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