Thursday, August 14, 2014

A week passed...

Cambridge Charles River
Last weekend, we were in Boston for a quickie trip. Nothing much to write about that but it was a short and sweet trip. Lots of napping and eating!

The weekend is quickly approaching and I felt like the week passed so fast. Maybe not because I was having so much fun but rather because I have been so busy at work. These past couple of months have been really busy for me and I have been putting off some of my writing. I haven't covered any sample sales for a couple of weeks (slow season), I haven't submitted anything new for CitizenMag and I haven't been writing much on my blog neither. On the other hand, I think it's a good thing that my job is keeping me stimulated and busy but I just feel weird not putting more time into blogging. I enjoyed taking the break but I didn't really want to. I wish writing was an easier process for me and that I could just sit down, write a post and not be worried about blabbering on and on and making tons of grammatical mistakes. (Well, it probably still happens even if I re-read my posts a zillion times.) I guess the more I write, the better I become but first, I have to write!

Anyway, this weekend, we have no concrete plans. A friend is visiting from Montreal but I am sure he's got plans of his own. Maybe I'll take some time to write this weekend that will be nice...

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