Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My latest post on CitizenMag is about sample sales...naturally

Vera Wang sample sale

For those who do not live in New York City (where sample sales thrive), you may not be familiar with this concept. Every year, hundreds of retail brands unload their excess merchandise-in the form of overstock and samples (design prototypes)- to the public via sample sales. If you’re lucky, you might find samples that were once used for fashion shows or one-of-a-kind designs that never went into production.
Sample sales happen all around the city, and year-round with peak seasons maybe twice a year. Shoppers can expect to save up to 70-90% off retail. What brands are we talking about? There are hundreds, but top luxe brands like Manolo Blahnik, Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Hermes, Hugo Boss, BCBG, Vera Wang, and Alexander Wang etc. are all part of the action. For some of them, the queue to enter may be a few hours long and chaos may ensue inside.
citizenHsini says:
my guilt is shopping and spending money on things I probably don’t need while my pleasure is telling people how much I spend on stuff like my $75 Jimmy Choo shoes.
These past few months, I have acquired some really good stuff. I nabbed a sample embroidered peplum dress from Alice & Olivia (probably never went into production and thus, one-of-a-kind) for $50, a 100% cashmere cardigan from Calypso St- Barth with a slight defect for only $19 (retails at over $300) and sample Current Elliott jeans for $25 (retails at $200+). I even got my husband dressed head-to-toe with sample sale garbs. From past Hugo Boss sample sales, he has nabbed dress shirts, Italian-made leather shoes, silver cuff links, a silk tie and underwear; and paid less than $200 for everything. Pretty nifty right?
If you are in town and looking for some sales, you might want to check out a sample sale or two if they are happening (don’t be fooled by some stores that put up ‘sample sale’ banners all year round).
To keep up with all sample sales related news in New York, you can check out for the latest with some sale reviews included! Or check out ‘Sample Sally’, which features more curated sample sale reviews.
Happy shopping!


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