Monday, August 11, 2014

Up in the Hudson Valley in Kingston

Picture taken by Café East after our meal 
Before our mini hiking trip up at North-Point in the Catskills, we had the chance to fuel up (carb-wise) in the little town of Kingston in the Hudson Valley. We checked out a green market and although there was a great variety of fresh, locally-made pastries and delectables we didn't get to try everything. I was tempted to buy jars of homemade spreads, pickles and unprocessed raw honey but resisted. Dave had a gluten-free cheese and spinach bread while I tried a cup of black currant juice. Our main meal was a seafood paella from the market (yes, very Hudson Valley-like I know) and a plate of pad-thai from a local restaurant nearby; Café East. It was all very interesting which makes us want to check out more little towns in upstate NY and see what each one has to offer.

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