Friday, September 5, 2014

nykeiko eats: New in Iceland! Dirty Burger and Ribs [Reykavik, Iceland]

Dirty Burger and Fries opened in August in an old gas station in Reykavik
Dave wanted me to blog about Dirty Burger and Ribs because he is proud to be in the know of what's new and hot in Iceland even though we're just here for 10 days. What's hot in Iceland right now is Reykavik's newest burger and ribs joint, Dirty Burger and Fries, opened by Iceland's only Michelin-starred chef, Agnar Sverisson. This is where we went for lunch on our first day in Reykavik. There was a short line inside when we got there but it was not too bad. We were probably the only out-of-towners and the menu was in Icelandic. I was going to give up at first and just ask what they offered but after reading the menu over and over and seeing what was churning out of the kitchen, the words hamborgari, franskar, grisarif and gos became obvious. This place only served hamburgers, ribs, fries and soda (oh and beer too!)

Dave ordered ribs and fries while I ordered the burger and fries. We both thought the burger and ribs were finger lickin' good  (We didn't lick our fingers though because they were pretty dirty from our travels.) The best part of the burger was obviously the meat and then the sauce and the pickled onions. It tasted clean and wasn't greasy at all. I said it was better than Shake Shack burgers only because there was no grease soaking through the bun making the burger too soggy to enjoy. It was just a plain delicious burger made with 100% Icelandic beef. Dave's ribs were also excellent. They were so tender and fell right off the bone. The BBQ sauce was also good and there was more of it in a bottle if you wanted to soak each bite with sauce which is exactly what I did. The only thing we thought we could have passed on was the fries which was a bit stale for our taste but maybe that's just how Icelandic fries are and we don't know any better since it is our first time in Iceland. There was indeed a cheaper combo where you can get both a burger, ribs and fries plus soda which is what we should have done (and a bit cheaper).

One combo with one burger or ribs plus fries and soda is 1380 ISK (~$12). Burger, ribs, fries and soda combo is 2380 ISK (~$20).

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