Thursday, September 4, 2014

nykeiko eats: Reykavik Roasters [Iceland]

First meal in Iceland at Reykavik Roasters

Currently writing this in our rented Airbnb house in Seyoisfjorour right beneath a beautiful waterfall. We have been in Iceland for 5 days now.

On the first day we arrived to Reykavik, we landed just before 6 a.m. but waited for more than an hour and a half on the tarmac to debark due to heavy winds from the remnants of hurricane Cristobal (The captain confirms it was over 56 knots and although I don't know what that meant, it was just too windy to do anything.) We had a pretty turbulent landing so I'm just happy we landed safely. There was also some heavy rain which was not the best welcome from Iceland we could wish for but as soon as we hopped into our rental car and started driving, the vast beautiful landscape made it all okay.

We arrived in Reykavik still bright and early and our first stop was at a coffee shop Dave read good things about, Reykavik Roasters. I needed some coffee and we were both really hungry. I knew European croissants would be different so I got one of that and Dave got a scone with jam and butter. My croissant was so flaky and good. The coffee was strong. Perfect to start our day but with only a couple of hours of sleep on the plane, even the coffee didn't help.

The prices in Iceland are shockingly high. My latte was 560 ISK (just a bit less than 5 bucks), croissant was 360 ISK (~$3 USD) and Dave's scone was 600 ISK (~$5.20 USD). Well now that I wrote it out, it is not too far from New York city prices...

Update: On our last day in Iceland, we returned and I got myself a super nice smooth cappuccino and a 'pain au chocolat'. Both I would recommend!

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