Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend snapshots and oh, I'm one year older!

At Harpa in Reykjavik
I'm still in an Icelandic state of mind and haven't had much time to write here. My birthday, visits from family (my cousin from SF and Dave's cousin+mom+baby+husband!) and a wedding last week has made our being back home quite hectic. 

at Maison Harlem
We celebrated my birthday last Friday just me, Dave and my good old friend from Montreal (and NY neighbor!) Laurie at Maison Harlem where I slightly puked. More on that later... Wait no, let's talk about my puking now. It was at the end of dinner when we were paying the bill that I started feeling queasy. I was blanking out. At first I thought I was just going to faint (it happens sometimes) but then I just vomited right in my napkin (so, so happy it wasn't projectile and hit someone). I have no clue why I puked except maybe blaming it on that ONE drink I had which was a delicious champagne cocktail I had with my meal (food, not empty stomach). Is this what being in my thirties will be like?? I know I can't hold my drinks but this is just ridiculous. 

Anyway, I can also maybe blame it on all the cakes I consumed that day (2 homemade key lime pie, a homemade strawberry red wine cake and a mille crepe from Lady M!) and my body was just rejecting the large amount of sugar. Who am I kidding? I'll eat cake until I puke any day especially delicious homemade ones made just for me (oh and a colleague who shares the same day of birth.) 

Dave bought a mille crepe from Lady M for us that evening. He got a large 9 inch cake (they ran out of the smaller one) big enough for probably a dozen people but we were just three that night. However, the cake came in handy for our guests that weekend since offering something from our fridge is always a nice gesture. We still have about 1/8 of it in our fridge right now and we have been having cake every single day! 

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early (7:30 a.m.!) and started cleaning our entire apartment before our guests arrived. I personally have warmed up to having guests stay over now that we got a spare room and also it forces us to clean our apartment more thoroughly once in a while. Oh and having visits from loved ones is good for my soul!

On Sunday, we spent the entire day in Brooklyn for a traditional Chinese wedding. From a tea ceremony in the morning to a banquet at night with a family photoshoot in Dumbo squeezed in between, it was quite a tiring day. Whilst in Dumbo, we stumbled upon a movie set for Steven Spielberg's new Cold War movie called "St James Place". We even took a picture with one of the props (a blue vintage car). We have been to many street fairs where vintage cars are exhibited and we rarely bother to take pics with them but since we were dressed up a bit, we gladly posed. 

In Dumbo- prop from St-James Place movie. I'm wearing an Ali Ro dress (not from sample sale )
Dress from a Tocca sample sale! Shoes from a Proenza Schouler sample sale! Duuuhhh

With little rest on our first weekend back from Iceland, Monday was just terrible for me but nothing a Vixen Workout can't fix which I forced myself to go to. It always feels like a bad idea at first but afterwards, I feel great. As I post these pics, I can't help but notice how chubby my cheeks have become. Maybe I should go to Vixen Workout like every single day instead of eating cake...hmmm.     

Two days until the weekend! We plan to rest and be super, super lazy although I might need to pop into work for a bit :(

Thanks for reading x

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