Tuesday, October 21, 2014

nykeiko travels: A century old journey in Hong Kong

From New York to Hong Kong, from one bustling city to another, I finally crossed Hong Kong off my travel bucket list.

During our four days stay in this eclectic city, we were pretty productive and feel like I could recommend some things to do and eat (oh my god, the food!) but one thing that made it to the top of the list is a ride on Hong Kong’s tramways. They are over a century old (just turned 110 years old this year) and pretty unique in the world. They are fully operated by electricity and run exclusively with double-decker trams making them a really fun and unique ride.  Oh, and the fare is darn cheap too (30 cents USD!) What was meant to be a 5-stop ride to our destination, turned out to be a full-hour ride from east to west and back to Central.

Riding on these trams is almost like time travel as you are riding the same routes taken by the trams back in the early 1900s.

Of course, everything around it has changed so it’s just incredible that with all the new mode of transportations available, the tramways are still heavily utilized.

Here’s a video (thanks to Instagram’s Hyperlapse app) I took of my journeys on the Tram:

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