Saturday, October 4, 2014

Souvenirs from Iceland...Not what you're expecting

I will be featuring a couple of things I brought back from Iceland...

I got two bottles of Nutella. Not what you're expecting right? I have been obsessed with trying European Nutella. Apparently it tastes better! The only difference I can see in the ingredient is vegetable oil being used instead of palm oil. I don't have any American one to have a taste off but I like what I taste so far.  I actually have not bought a bottle of Nutella for a really long time.

I know, Iceland is probably not the best place to purchase this but this was the first time we ever set foot in Europe. It was less than $5 for a 400 g jar at a local grocery store (Bonus). Now that I think about it, I could probably find a grocery store in New York city that imports these? But with two stores dedicated to serving Nutella, it's probably a rare find.

Totally enjoying it, so totally worth it for me.

Here it is at the grocery store.

Then we saw a even bigger jar of Nutella at another grocery store I forget the name of, which had Nutella imported from Germany with 50 g worth of "free" Nutella! I was so tempted to buy them but decided not to be greedy since I already bought two bottles. I also heard about the worldwide hazelnut shortage due to Nutella sales so you know, I was trying to do my part in saving the hazelnuts.

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