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In pictures: The American Fine Art Craft Show at the Brooklyn Museum +Killer Heels exhibition [NYC]

Vase by Leonoff Art Glass of NY

Dave and I ventured back into Brooklyn this weekend as we were invited to the American Fine Craft Show at the Brooklyn Museum. The word 'fine' intimidated me since we're not fancy people who like fancy art pieces (i.e. expensive) in the house but the word craft is what got my attention. I was looking forward to seeing the craft but especially about meeting the talented artists and designers at the show. Almost all the artists were on hand and it was a pleasure chatting with a few that were present. Of course I couldn't meet them all nor love all of their creations (some of the clothes were just too wacky for me and some of the jewelry were not fit for my age no matter how much I tried) but for the pieces that I did love, I took pictures to share on the blog.

Some of the craft may not be affordable for everyone and the demographic of the show seem to be affluent and older. However, there were a few artists that offered more affordable pieces on their items and so it could still a good place to pick up something special for yourself or someone special. Good timing for the holiday season. 

Dave and I were interested in picking up a few pieces for the apartment. We were inspired by the residents of Iceland. In Iceland, many of the window sills we saw were highly decorated with random things like miniature statuettes, vases, toys, flowers etc. We decided that we must too decorate our window sills (we have four of them) with nice cutesy stuff. We liked different pottery designs and wood puzzles from four different designers that were more affordable for us (pieces we liked ranged between $15 -$60) but we both end up picking one of a kind creations from Ming's Monsters

Dave picked out one of the flute tea cups from the Chalice collection . The piece I had my eyes on was a bit more expensive ($59) and I kept going back and forth (about 5 times too many) contemplating about it and always worried someone else was going to pick it up before me. There was only one and if it's gone, that was it. It is a semi-glazed porcelain clay vase and I was attracted to the color and the cracked glaze. There is also a very visible defect on the vase (which happened during the clay firing process) but the artist embraced the imperfection and that's what made the piece so perfect to me. Turns out, Ming is also Taiwanese which made me even happier to be able to support his craft and what he does.

Ming's Monster's (from Brooklyn) one of a kind Wobble vase which I took home with me after much unnecessary contemplation...It's imperfection was perfect

Closer view of the Wobble vase by Ming's Monsters
Ming's Monsters cups from the Chalice collection- Guess which one Dave picked out? 
Stephani Brigg's One of A kind jewelry- Honey Rose necklace with a gold rose inside..
Stephani Brigg's One of A Kind luxury jewelry- Faerie Queen necklace - Artist from Maine
Richard Weber: Spheres of Influence ceramic sculptures
This bowl! Gorgeous! -Leonoff Art Glass - Hand blown glass from NY
Leonoff Art Glass 
Boxology- Wood puzzles by Richard Rothbard from NY
Boxology- Wood puzzle made out of Cherry wood. It  is $49.
Wool hats by Where [a clothed narrative] by designer Peggy Sue Deaven
All fibers, wool, and cotton are sourced locally in the United States and you can know exactly where each piece comes from.
Jewish designer Alexander Gruss of Studio Gruss's Omer calendar - Brooklyn, NY
Studio Gruss' chest pieces
Melissa Weiss' pottery -Clay dug out in Arkansas and made in Asheville, NC. Each piece is one of a kind.
Two/One ceramics by David Eichelberger and Elisa Difeo from Virginia
Cute little vases for your cute little whatevers
Mangold Leather - designs for theater, film and fashion- from Connecticut
Colorful glass plate by Ernest Porcelli of Ernest Art Glass  from Brooklyn
Tickets for adults for the American Fine Craft Show are $12 and includes admission to the Brooklyn Museum which is regularly $16. Sooo if you're planning to visit the museum anyway, stop by the show, you might just unexpectedly find something you like, just like we did.

We were starving by the time we were done with the craft show so we just quickly went inside the 'Killer Heels' exhibition for a peek and went off looking for breakfast at 1 p.m. I don't have many good pictures from the exhibition because it was a bit dark for the most part so here are just a few from my phone.

For some ladies, shoes are like art. Here, we see why...

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