Monday, November 3, 2014

In pictures: Cheering on at the New York City Marathon 2014 [NYC]

This would be the first time we made an effort to go out and cheer on the runners of the New York marathon since moving to New York. I'm not going to lie. I didn't think I'd give a darn about watching a marathon. I've seen enough pictures of Facebook friends running marathons that I thought I would be just as uninterested in watching the thing live as I am looking at pictures of runners in their bright tight outfits. But, it's the New York city marathon and this year, we had a couple of people to cheer for. Our avid marathon runner friend, Kino and Desperate Housewives actress, Teri Hatcher (We met the day before and I decided that we needed to support her too.) A guy from our building was also running the marathon and had the support of our building's community. It was great to see everyone out there. This year, the course cut right into Harlem and right down the block from our building. The Madison Avenue bridge marked mile 21 of the race. There was no excuse for us not to watch it. It was right there when we step out of our building so I'd have to blindfold myself if I really didn't want to see anything.

The weather on Sunday was beautiful albeit windy and chilly but the crowd was in high spirits and cheering non-stop. After seeing the women's leaders pass by our corner around 11 a.m. ish, I was hooked. What a high it was to see these awesome athletes running for the win. I am definitely not a runner but seeing all these runners was inspirational and those rare thoughts of "maybe one day I can too run a marathon" clouded my mind. But these came as quickly as Wilson Kipsang came and went (Winner of the men's race! Clocking in at 2hrs10mins59secs). I blame my knee and lack of discipline but blaming my left knee sounds less lazy of me.

Here are a couple of pictures I captured yesterday. My fingers were frozen from taking pictures but I didn't care. These people were running out there in the cold for hours in their skimpy outfits so I have nothing to complain about.
Top three winners of the men's race of the TCS NYC marathon 2014. Left to right: Gebre Gegremariam, Lelisa Desisa and Wilson Kipsang

Did he run barefoot the whole way? I'll never know. 

Our friend Kino in a Dino costume
The day before, we checked out the TCS Marathon lounge inside Time Warner Center and had this picture taken. "I didn't train hard enough for the NYC marathon" was the caption I put when I posted this picture on my instagram.

That's where we saw Teri Hatcher also taking a photo. I did ask her for a picture. I was a Lois Lane fan :)

All photos by me. Please do not use without my permission.

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