Wednesday, November 19, 2014

nykeiko eats: Aquatic Addiction Development [Taipei, Taiwan]

If you are craving some nigiri and sashimi then keep scrolling down. My pictures are making me all drooly inside my mouth (not sure why I had to specify that. Where else can i drool?) I crave sushi all the time. Except maybe right after finishing a big sushi meal. And maybe for a couple days after a meal like we had from Aquatic Addiction Development. 

All those snow crabs...

My mom was the one who brought us to Aquatic Addiction Development in Taipei. She had been talking about it since the day I landed in Taiwan but thinking that I have already been there before (I have not!)  When she kept asking me if I remember this place, I vaguely had another crappy fish market in mind and didn't really understand why she was so excited about bringing me there (again). But now that we really have been together, I won't forget this place and I want to go back every time we go to Taiwan. I also want to try all the restaurants there except maybe the hot pot. There's a sushi bar, a seafood bar, a BBQ grill outside and a hot pot place upstairs. We tried none of it this time because there was a lunch time crowd plus streaming tourists and we were just too hungry to wait.

When I grabbed a ticket number (#100) it was only at 70 something number and it was going to be too long. After impatiently waiting for fifteen minutes, we stuck to our original plan which was just to buy some boxed nigiri and sashimi home to eat. My mom had a cooler, ice bags and everything ready.

When we entered the place, we were all given a spray of alcohol to sanitize our dirty hands to protect their precious seafood. Look at all these tanks full of snow crabs, abalone and all types of sea creatures I can't name right now.

All those snowcrabs made me think about Discovery's The Deadliest Catch and all the hardworking men that brought these  precious babies back

One of many bento choices..

There's even a home living store selling pretty stuff we can't afford.

 I still remember not being able to finish this meal because there was just too much raw stuff. But now, I just want some again. A little sliver of salmon roe would be enough.

This is what we brought home to eat...

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