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nykeiko shops: Lafayette 148 New York warehouse sale [November 2014 NYC Sample Sale]

Something new I picked out at the Lafayette 148 New York warehouse sale which starts tomorrow at 9.a.m. at 148 Lafayette Street, 2nd floor. Two days only!

 I was delighted to be invited to preview the sale and shop! My first reaction? Overwhelmed but in a good way. There are racks upon racks of clothes. Styles were organized by style and color. Looking for something red or blue? Just scan the room and go. It is after all, a warehouse sale and you'll find samples and tons of pieces from past as well as current collections. 

Keep reading to see my haul..

Christina from Lafayette 148 NY showed me a pre-Fall dress (Punto Milano combo dress) at more than 85% off retail and was recently seen on Queen Latifah on the cover of Essence magazine.

Lafayette 480 NY Punto Milano Dress for $80 (retail $598)
I must admit that Lafayette 148 NY is more suited for power lunch ladies and the office setting. I wear tees and jeans covered by a lab coat daily and it's a waste of my time to even try to dress up for work sometimes. I allocated myself 30-minutes to cover and shop the sale before going to work but to my surprise, it stretched to more than an hour of browsing and I probably didn't even cover all the racks. I didn't think I would find anything good for me but I was able to dig out some pieces that I'll be able to cherish for a very long time (The quality is pretty good!)

The prices? Pretty great especially if you compare it to the retail price. Starting at just $5 on accessories (including hats, purses, gloves, scarves, swimwear and more) and up to $400 for shearling coats (which retail at $1,500 and up), you can easily style an entire outfit (minus shoes) at the sale for under $200. I could have easily paired a sheer criss-cross midi skirts ($25) with a short sleeve top ($40) and wrap it all up with a houndstooth pattern wool poncho ($45). All dresses are $80 and many of the styles are suited for your office wardrobe needs.

My other favorites at the sale are the coats and jackets. The pickings in my size (small or size 4-6) are slim. Size medium or size 8 dominated the racks which is good news for many women because usually samples at sample sales are teeny model sizes the average woman cannot fit into. Me included. At this sale, you can find sizes between 0-18. I was told that many of the styles can be found on the 7th floor where petite and plus-size (up to size 24) are housed and will be open to shop as well.

I wanted to make this blue pea coat work so badly that I convinced myself that oversized coats are indeed trendy right now. But, with other great choices in the mix, I picked up a super luxurious navy cashmere robe coat and a red wool kimono jacket (for my mirror selfies, scroll down). I really love the feel of the robe and the quality is honestly really, really good (Did I mention that already?)

Of course, I didn't forget the husband. There was one sole rack dedicated for the men and filled with cashmere sweaters priced at $80. When I told him what I got him he thought it was too fancy! He was mainly thinking of dry cleaning bills. I reminded him that I hand-wash all my cashmere garbs and I'd gladly wash his new sweater. This sweater will totally be good for our trip to Montreal this weekend. Polar Vortex? No problema! Oh, I also got myself a fine wool (these don't itch for me) sweater so I'm not missing out.

Something for the men in your life. Men's cashmere sweater. $80.
All short sleeve tops are $40
All dresses are $80

Remember my black and white phase shopping in Taiwan? There was lots to pick here.

The Crossroad Novelta Pria jacket is still full price online for $698. It is on sale for $95.
Leather jackets..most are $200.
Leather jackets. This one was priced at $150. Retails for $998. 
The Varnished Yelena leather jacket is full price online for $998. It's on sale for $98!
Pants. All bottoms are $50.
I dig these pants.
Some fur and shearling.
This fur coat, $200.
This Merlot pony hair sweater is on sale for $200 (retails for $1,498)

$95 on all jackets.
$5 water color pouch.
I don't own any ponchos and have never worn any ponchos in my life but I was really drawn to them here. There was a rack full of them. If I wasn't so sensitive to prickly wool, I would have picked up one or two. They would have made a nice gift too for my mommy.

$45 poncho with some glitter

The poncho I was contemplating but too itchy. $45.

I see myself lounging in a cabin by the fire with hot chocolate with this poncho.
The three jackets I picked up. Actually, all these jackets make me look so sophisticated! Did I just give myself a makeover? New York weather has been warm these days with a bit of chill making these jackets perfect for now.

Shoes are by Hugo Boss purchased at a Hugo Boss sample sale in 2012!

I picked this Yelena Italian leather jacket in gray and really love the look of a gray jacket! I just look so put-together. It is on sale for $200 (retails for $998) which is fair for a good lambskin leather jacket really.

Thank you Lafayette 148 New York for inviting me to the sale and shop. x

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