Tuesday, December 30, 2014

nykeiko plays: I was pretty festive for Christmas...PROOF!

Here's proof on HOW festive I was! Continue reading...

I participated in this year's Reddit Secret Santa.  
This year, there were 212,528 participants from over 188 countries! 
This is what I prepared for my giftee. 
He loves Game of thrones, music and whales so I put something together with all of those things in mind.

Gifts from my secret santa..customized bamboo chopsticks and a tea infuser.

I decorated our tree branch and made our own Charlie Brown christmas tree!

I bought LED lights for it too!

I made a Christmas wreath from tree scraps left behind at a Fairway supermarket. Some places sell these scraps for $5! I totally improvised. Found a wire hanger, baker's string and went from there.  

I like how imperfect my wreath was but I decided to give it a trim to make it look more round and legit..

I made caramel popcorn to give to some of my neighbors but it turned out to be not my best batch so I only gave to a couple of neighbors with kids who probably don't care that there's too much sugar :)

This big bag was made especially for Laurie's niece who loved my very sugarfied caramel popcorn... I actually gave her a small jar but when Laurie told me how much she loved them, I gave her the rest of what I made.

I hung Lindt chocolate balls on a string and hung them on my neighbor's doors.

On Christmas day, Dave and I volunteered at a senior's home in Harlem. These seniors sure know how to party and dance! We were happy to be part of their day.

Had to cut volunteer time short because we had own festivities in Jersey to attend. We spent some time with some really cute big-eyed babies...


Happy holidays everyone and oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xxx

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