Tuesday, January 6, 2015

nykeiko eats: New fried chicken in town at Root and Bone [NYC]

Many people think Harlem serves up the best southern fried chicken in town but there are definitely some competitors out there that are worth mentioning. I can name a few joints but one newish restaurant on our radar and creating a buzz for having the best new fried chicken in town is called Root and Bone (link: http://www.rootnbone.com/).  Root and Bone is founded by two Top Chef alumns. They opened their doors this past Summer and has since been attracting a mass of hungry foodies craving some finger lickin’, lip smackin’ good fried chicken.

We ventured downtown, all the way to Alphabet City (East Village) to taste some of this tasty fried chicken. We overheard a patron mention to his friend that there is always a crowd in front of the restaurant. Luckily for us, we visited the day after Christmas where there was no wait and scored high chair seats facing the kitchen. This was neat. We observed every single dish being made and I had to resist the temptation to reach over the counter to try something.

We ordered a half-chicken with waffles and a crab cake/goat cheese omelet to balance things out.  The chicken was indeed super tasty. The poultry (which are by the way, hormones and antibiotics free) is marinated in flavorful ingredients (sweet tea, garlic powder, spice blends, fresh herbs and more) for more than 24 hours before it is coated with flour, fried to crispy perfection, powdered with lemon powder and finally served. We like our fried chicken crispy and not so breaded so these were right up our alley.  It was recommended for the chicken to be dipped in a tangy homemade honey-Tabasco sauce, which we thought was a perfect pairing.

If you’re in town, definitely give this one a try!

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Professional Images by Laura Kaplan & Nancy Borowick

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