Saturday, January 31, 2015

nykeiko shops: Catherine Deane dresses

I've cleaned my closet to make space for two new dresses. I haven't bought a dress in a while now. I sold a couple of dresses on eBay and donated two other dresses including one purchased over ten years ago that just needed to go (actually, I'm donating them to my sister the next time I visit her.) Husband probably wants me to donate a bag full but baby steps honey, baby steps.

The dresses are true samples used by stylists. In fact, this leather combo jersey dress from Autumn Winter '14 collection was worn by Laura Dern (I loved Jurassic Park!) back in December on the red carpet for her film 'Wild'. See? The dress is super low-cut and stretchy. I love anything stretchy for my stretchy tummy.

Catherine Deane Wednesday leather combo dress 
I was eyeing all of the gorgeous long gowns with beautiful signature Catherine Deane beading (Did you visit the website yet?) The gowns I looked at retail between $2000-$8000 and I was so tempted to get one but I knew that it would just sadly sit in my closet gathering dust. I scanned through the rack of cocktail dresses again and picked out this teal chiffon and lace dress. This is a perfect romantic airy dress for a summer date or perfect for a wedding which is perfect because we just learned that we were attending one come July.

I'm pretty happy with these dresses and hope I'll cherish them for a decade or more. I have a feeling my sister is going to want to borrow them since these would suit her nicely too.

Catherine Deane's Sophia pleated silk and lace dress 

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