Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One cat, two cats...

We have been catsitting (two cats!) for more than a week now and have been enjoying their company very much except for when we eat. That's when they hound us like fresh kills and we have to fend off our food. It's pretty darn annoying except when a little cat head pops up from under my arms in front of me trying to get their face in my food. That's cute. I'm allergic to cats but I've been feeling pretty normal with these two around. There is the occasional itchiness but it is completely my fault for pressing my face against their cute little faces cuz I just can't help it.

I've taken about 100 pictures of the cats on the first day they were around. I've refrained myself from posting them all on Instagram...It makes me fear that I'll be one of those people who take a million pics of their kids and publish on Facebook...yikes!

Anyway... Here is one of them cozing up to Dave while he reads a book. Anyway Laurie, please go on vacation more often!

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