Thursday, January 8, 2015

#TBT=My #ThrowbackTravels #33: Peninsula Valdes, Argentina [November 2012]

My pictures are not comparable to those taken by Sebastiao Salgado's photographs (See my previous post here.) The whales we saw did not play, dive or even moved at all. All of the whales we saw were mothers caring for their calf and resting on the surface of the shallow waters of the peninsula. I felt bad when the boat we were on got so close to them. It was quite irresponsible of the captain and perhaps have maybe bumped into one of the calf at one point or another. Despite the tourism, there is still a thriving population of Southern Right Whales that come to the Peninsula to care for their newborns until they are big and strong to migrate up north when winter comes.

I have yet to write about our journey to Argentina which was right after our hike in Torres Del Paine which I wrote about here.

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