Thursday, February 26, 2015

nykeiko shops: Tamara Mellon sample sale + purchase [February 2015 NYCsample sale]

I heard about the great prices offered at the Tamara Mellon sample sale last season but did not get a chance to check it out. I don't know much about the designer except that she once hailed as the chief creative officer and co-founder of Jimmy Choo. Last night, I went to the sale's preview. Here's my report for Racked. I thought I wasn't going to buy anything because Tamara Mellon's clothes is not really my style but...

My #TBT=#ThrowbackTravels #39: French Concession, Shanghai

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

nykeiko eats: All'onda. All around dissappointment + paying with Cover app

Bucatini from All'Onda. Where's the herb? and missing a lot more than that...
Last week was the beginning of Restaurant Week in NYC (February 16 - March 6). We skipped out on the last few ones since smaller portions and mediocre service never pleased anyone (especially Dave). However, sometimes when a new restaurant with high prices with good reviews might put you on the border of wondering if it is worth the splurge, Restaurant Week becomes a good idea. For those who just want a taste without breaking the bank.

A coworker booked a Saturday evening dinner spot with his family at All'onda and I decided to follow suit after he showed me some reviews about All'onda's uni pasta. Uni pasta? I was sold. The one time I tried uni pasta before was at Basta Pasta and really liked it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

nykeiko travels: Asia bound..soon!

(Picture of my parents taken in Hong Kong last October when Dave and I played tour guides. That was really fun!)

I booked flight tickets to Taiwan again for end of March. This time sadly, I am going sans husband but that means more alone time with my parents. Two full weeks with my daddy and mommy and a short trip to Japan in between. Mom showed me the itinerary last night. It's in Chinese. I used Google translate but still not sure how we are landing at Komatsu airport on day 1 and then doing stuff in Nagoya on day 2. I don't really care. I just know that with a tour, I don't need to worry about anything except eat, sleep and play. There will be plenty of hot springs to dip in and cherry blossoms to see. I was slightly disappointed my parents didn't choose Tokyo but hey, I can do that with Dave one day and eat all the sushi and ramen in the world then. If mama wants to dress up in a kimono and walk around an ancient village then so be it. My dad seems to be up for anything. I wonder if I should cancel my eyelash extension which I booked a week before my departure. Eyelash extensions and hot springs are a big no-no.

It was difficult for me to request two weeks off work so early on the year but at the thought of my dad turning 71 broke my heart a bit. Where did all the years go? I'm going to cherish this trip forever...

Monday, February 23, 2015

nykeiko plays: NYFW Backstage at Badgley and Mishka

You'll often see Bill Cunningham lurking around the tents during NYFW ..and please, don't ask him for pictures. He will say no!
I did not take time off for New York Fashion Week last week. I only had plans to attend one show after I came back from our trip to Montreal so I thought I could slip in and out of work without anyone noticing. Well, while I was in Montreal, two more invitations came in for Badgley Mishka and Jenny Packham and I had to make choices. I contemplated taking another day off but with lots of work waiting for me, I could not do so. My solution was to get to work a lot earlier than usual and leave late or until I finished everything. No harm done I think! What I did have to give up was attending project runway alumni Michael Costello's show at the Lincoln Center which was too late in the afternoon for me to go. I happily offered my invitation to a friend who did the smart thing and took a day off to attend. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

nykeiko shops: Bras, panties and more at Cosabella sample sale [February 2015 NYC Sample Sale]

I checked out the Cosabella sample sale early this morning. See my review on Racked here. I was immediately attracted to the last call bins where everything was $5. Amazingly, I walked out empty-handed but only because most of the apparels were a bit too big for me. Everything I pulled out of the bins were size medium. I would have probably bought a crap load of stuff if I was pregnant and needed stretchy jersey dresses for the summer. Well, I am not pregnant and it ain't summer so I left with nothing :) For me, walking out empty handed is a successful sample sale. I simply can't spend like before anymore!

nykeiko shops: Clic Clic Clic. General store/Bookstore/Gallery [Soho, NYC]

Clic General Store in Soho 

Clic is unique hand-curated general store, bookstore and gallery all-in-one shop. When I walk into Clic, I imagine this is what a cool hip Soho loft might look like.  Everything in the store seems to click (Clic!) together and you can potentially buy everything in the store to help you finish the look in your own unconventional adult apartment. I visited the store at the border of shopping mecca Soho and Little Italy but great taste travels and Clic general store can as well be found in East Hampton, NY all the way in beautiful St-Barts.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

nykeiko plays: Jenny Packham AW 2015 [Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week NYFW Autumn Winter 2015]

Jenny Packham AW 2015 
Clad in Louboutins, models in dazzling Jenny Packham gowns strut down the runway at Industria Superstudio. Here are the non-blurry pictures I took from the show! I had to peel off from my seat and park myself beside the professional photographers to get these pictures or else it would just be a bunch of blurry pictures with tops of people's heads hiding half of the models.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Escaping the cold by going north...

We just got back from our trip to Montreal. We read about New York's record breaking chill this weekend. We experienced colder temperatures in Montreal but felt bad for city dwellers that do not expect arctic chills like this. In Canada, people are fed up with the cold but not so shocked. Dave and I were thankful to have our rental car and also friends who all drive to get around the city.

We love going to Montreal for short weekend trips. The drive to and from is approximately 6 hours long (no traffic) and when we have the time, we like to explore little towns on the way for food. Will post more about our trip soon. It's good to be home from home.

Dave took this picture while I was driving to capture the icicles hanging from the side of the cliffs. This came straight from my phone, no filters, no alterations..I love it!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

nykeiko travels: My travelogue for Iceland-Hiking Fimmvörðuháls (Fimmvorduhals) from Skogar to Basar on September 1-2 2014 [over 60 pictures]

Euh..this post was drafted the same week we came back from Iceland back in September. I was so determined to post something before I forget everything about this amazing trail but I just never finished. There are over 60 pictures to share and I wanted to share as much detail as I can remember for other hikers out there who are thinking about doing this hike.

Well, six months later, the post is finally finished. Without further ado, here is one of several posts I'll write about our trip to Iceland!


What happened during our 25 km (15.5 miles) 2-day volcanic hike in Iceland has topped our short list of most adventurous hiking adventures (See Torres Del Paine, Kalalau lookout, Kalalau trail (not finished, oops.)

This time, we did the Fimmvorduhals  trail. From Skogar, over the Fimmvorduhals pass (between Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull ice caps) with an overnight stay at the lovely Fimmvörðuhálsskali hut (~5500 ISK/person) and making our final stretch to Basar (towards  Þórsmörk). The trail itself was a fairly easy one except maybe near the end of it approaching Basar where one slip can lead to your death or a serious injury. But overall, it was an easy hike. The difficult part was the unpredictable weather which we read much about and knew what to expect but we were not prepared for a hurricane. The remnants of hurricane/cyclone Cristobal was upon us during our hike and was responsible for the high wind and constant rain we endured. That's when I learned that my gear and shoes were NOT waterproof. They were way past their water repellent capabilities when the rain just kept coming down.

Rain, wind, freeze and no waterproofing made the hike just super unpleasant. Dave's shoes and clothes held up but not his bag pack. What should have been a moderate and glorious hike alongside Iceland's most famous volcano became a series of ups and downs.We found ourselves in a pickle many times but with the wisdom gathered from watching hours of Bear Grylls show and Dave's quick thinking, we survived our trek and came out empowered.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

nykeiko eats: Innovative broth at Mu Ramen! [LIC, NYC]

Last Friday, I get a text from Dave friday shortly after 3 pm. 
"I got reservations at Mu Ramen tonight for 4 at 8:30 pm!" 
I reply: "Great! Who are we inviting?" 

nykeiko shops: Hugo Boss Sample Sale [February 2015 NYC Sample Sale]

I checked out the Hugo Boss sample sale this weekend. See my report for Racked NY here.

Dave happily obliged in joining me since he usually benefits from the sale as much as I do. We never went to the Hugo Boss sale at Soiffer Haskin because the prices are always significantly higher than the prices at the sales held inside the brand's headquarters. My goal was just to get in and get out for the sale report. Well, the prices are indeed higher (by a lot) and so we did not buy anything. We noticed the quality of the stuff were a bit better (maybe) since it looked like department store overstock rather than samples. Dave tried on a pair of dress shoes but for $150, he knew better. We have been to the sales held at the corporate office many times before (in 20122013 and 2014) and that's where Dave picked up Italian dress shoes for $60 and stocked up on dress shirts for work for only $45-$55 (price increase each time). The prices are so good that shoppers are given garbage bags to fill up and there are definitely hoarders/resellers who grab everything they see. But you won't see that at Soiffer Haskin. It's too classy there (and pricy).

Friday, February 6, 2015

nykeiko shops: Rag and Bone Sample Sale [February 2015 NYC Sample Sale]

Rag & Bone x Coogi collab

Here's my spotcheck report on Racked NY for the Rag and Bone sample sale which I checked out last night.

I remember going to my first Rag and Bone sample sale back in 2012 where I purchased a new pair of Newbury flats and R&B denim shorts and thought I scored. Since then, I have attended most of the bi-annual sales just because I like the brand but always came out empty handed. Maybe I was a more frivolous spender back then (I was) but also, the prices just aren't that affordable. The cheapest pieces are $40 tees which I can get similar ones for $15 on Everlane. I also like to think that I'm a smarter shopper now and can hold out for better deals to come around.